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Join the # 1 network for people who are mad about their homes. Providing you with the opportunity to make money while providing your customers with access to a valuable service.
Provides a time saving and easy way to find and apply for the most competitive mortgage products. It provides instant comparison of more than 1800 mortgage products from all major lenders. Emoves makes online applications easy with its mortgage guides and information centre. Emoves also provides personalised mortgage research and independent mortgage advice anywhere in the UK.
tinde.co.uk is an independent property guide to properties from all over the UK, whether you’re looking for residential or prestigious property. Thousands of people visit the site each week to buy or rent their new home or country retreat. tinde.co.uk includes a property search profile to bring you the latest most suitable property. tinde.co.uk is also a reference point for reliable information on property related issues, including a glossary of legal terminology. tinde.co.uk is a wholly owned subsidiary of tinde ASA, the marketleader for properties online in Norway & Denmark. More countries to be added to the list shortly.
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